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  • Welcome to Cornered Hill Firearms Training

    Legal or Not Legal?

    Making the wrong decision in a life threatening situation will be devastating to not only your family, but the families of countless others!

    About Us

    Dedicated Instructors

    Our Instructor Team is lead by a 23 year retired Naval Special Warfare Firearms Instructor. All of our Instructors have been hand picked by him.

    State Of the Art Equipment

    We use the LASR systerm in conjunction with SIRT Pistols in order to perform dry-fire practice, saving you hundreds of dollars in Range and Ammunition fees.

    Our Motto

    Keeping America Safe Together!


    Concealed Carry Certification

    We offer the most indepth and interactive Concealed Carry Class in Western NC. We love Wal-Mart, but not for your Concealed Carry Classes. If you pay for a $35 Concealed Carry Class, you will get $35 Instruction. Your life depends on this information and training. Do not bottom fish on this class, it is too important!

    Home Defense

    We are the only Firearms Academy in this area who teaches the NRA branded Personal Protection Series of Courses. "Personal Protection In the Home" and Personal Protection Outside the Home".

    Refresher Course

    Has it been a while since you took the Concealed Carry Class? For only $35 Dollars, you can sit in on the Law or Gun Safety Portion of our class and refresh. If you did not take your class with us, we know you will learn more from sitting in on our class then you did in your original class.

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